McEvoy Dental

It was a delight to work with McEvoy Dental and showcase their impressive and highly skilled practices and innovations in the industry of dentistry.

With such a key focus on service quality and patient care, this gave us the perfect building blocks to broadcast this message across the county and give the credit the practice was due.

It is always a pleasure to work with experienced masters in the field with an attention to detail as this allows us to return the same results.

Client Name

McEvoy Dental


Project Duration

1 month


Project location

Marketing Results Were Amazing

From the beginning of the project to now, user adoption has grown by 800% and the abandonment rate has reduced by 70%


The practice saw a 40% growth in revenue and a 20% reduction in ad spend costs from the start of the campaign to the end.

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Project Description

Prior to our work, the practice was experiencing a difficult situation. A number of dentists who had worked there for many years had moved on and these practitioners were then replaced. The branch of dental work of the replacements was quite different from the work done by those who left. For example, an orthodontist replaced a hygienist so naturally existing patients were not entirely transferable from one to the other.

This ultimately resulted in a loss of patients as not all patients followed the replacement practitioners. To put it simply, regardless of the quality, skill, attention and care the practice could evidently provide, the practice was just not busy enough.

  • Mobile Sales 80% 80%
  • Website Traffic 65% 65%
  • Conversion Rate 90% 90%
  • Email Subscribers 35% 35%

Problem identification

It was evident that the practice very simply needed more patients and the solution to this was of course to bring in more patients. In theory, this sounds relatively straightforward forward however, the problem at hand was more complex than this. The treatments that the practitioners provide are high-end. While they do provide general dentistry HVTs (High-Value Treatments) were essential to the survival of the practice.

Due to this, marketing to solely general dentistry was not enough as there was no guarantee this would result in the provision of an HVT that the skilled and expensive labour could provide.


A patient is not necessarily aware they are in need of an HVT so the problem arose. How do we market to a population that can both afford an HVT and are in need of an HVT but, don’t know they are in need of an HVT?

Market Segmentation

Through in-depth research and analysis, we determined the optimum set of demographics and other external factors to identify our exact target audience. Then we structured multiple scenario discovery pathways of how this target audience would seek dental support. This allowed us to progress into the development of strategy and would build the foundation of our future campaigns.


Project details

In depth details about the project and our managment of duties.

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