It was a pleasure working with IWI. The team is always happy to take on new challenges and uses cases that expand our knowledge and expertise.

IWI is a dating app that uses modern psychology to match its users.

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Project Duration

6 months

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More authentic

IWI matches real characters instead of idealized online profiles.

More successful

IWI’s psychology-based matching algorithm increases the success rate of live meet-ups.

More safe

By connecting with highly compatible people, it feels a lot safer to transition to a meeting in real life.

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Project Description

The IWI app is a start-up dating app based on modern psychology that uses the Big Five test as the basis for its matching algorithm. We started the project with this Croatian-based company in the very early phase of its development and worked closely with its founders and management to effectively deliver the product, improve its functionality, and deliver company goals well into its later versions of development. It was a pleasure working with IWI and delivering success at such a high level.

The trajectory of this project was formed by a set of aligned marketing goals. These goals and objectives began to change over time as the app’s popularity and functionality began to develop. Cryt adapted to these changes accordingly

  • Mobile Sales 80% 80%
  • Website Traffic 65% 65%
  • Conversion Rate 90% 90%
  • Email Subscribers 35% 35%


Our strategy was to create a variety of non-commercial content that builds the foundations for IWI’s messaging strategy before Ad spending commences. While the content varied in style and substance, the message remained the same.

Strong, meaningful, and seamless connection. In a series of street interview-style video content, questions geared towards analysing the public opinion on commonly used generic dating applications outlined the lack of connection and meaningful interactions on dating apps. This was used to make a strong statement about the difference between IWI and existing applications.

Although, making a statement isn’t enough to win over potential users’ trust. It was then time to prove the validity of that statement. We required a neutral third party with the necessary expertise to verify. This is when we contacted Dr. Martin Graff. Dr. Graff is a psychology professor from the University of South Wales, writing for The Conversation Post, and specializes in the psychology of online dating. Graff academically verified the concept of the importance of personality similarity in relationships through The Big Five in article form.


All this allowed IWI to establish its brand awareness and message consistency across the board to acquire a clearly defined foothold in the market. This not only allowed the target market to understand IWI but also allowed IWI to understand its target market through engagement and reaction to this content.

Marketing Goals in the expansion phase

  • Increase user adoption
  • Improve user experience
  • Maximise ad efficiency
  • Maintain messaging and content


Project details

In depth details about the project and our managment of duties.


Visual Design

Before designing the site we considered the following aspects:


  • operational simplicity
  • strong branding
  • security of users’ data
  • effective use of visual elements
  • clear data presentation via menus, catalogs, etc.
  • user’s ability to leave feedback about the app
  • easily available general and contact information of app support team
  • design that supports the offer and message not overshadowing them.










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