Education Cryt

Education is power. At Education Cryt the way you learn and develop your knowledge through the use of technology will be central to everything we do.  We want you to be able to learn from the

world around you, from friends and family, and from teachers. We’re changing learning for good.

Client Name

Education Cryt


Project Duration

1 month


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Getting Started is as Easy as 123.

Our Mission

We want you to learn and grow, both in and out of the classroom. And our coursework will allow you to do just that. Learn more with us, explore your career options, or start your application today. We believe learning can be fun, and with our technology you will always have the tools you need to learn 24/7.

Our Vision

Get your hands dirty with in-depth lectures and video courses. Autodidacticism or self-education is education without the guidance of masters or institutions. Inpower yourself. Do you have a course you would like to share? With Complete freedom to express your lectures and course in any way. Send us a message.

project details

Project Description

While this project is a separate entity from Cryt it was important to consider this an extension of the existing brand. Brand messaging, value propositions and existing client base were fundamental to its development as an additional yet diverse platform.

The basis of this platform was to provide not only informative content for learning purposes to all but to also provide value in terms of offloading typical internal training for both, existing and future clients, and Cryt employees.

Provision of high-quality, useful and ultimately high-value free content was the general tone from the onset of this project’s initiation.

  • Mobile Sales 80% 80%
  • Website Traffic 65% 65%
  • Conversion Rate 90% 90%
  • Email Subscribers 35% 35%

Defining the Goals and Objectives

Here, it was important to consider the beneficial outcomes of this platform’s provision. In defining these goals and objectives it was critical to identify the educational content required by all parties to efficiently form the basis of the platform’s message and purpose. This is when the goals and objectives for content specification took a hierarchical approach.

Planning for content target type took the structure as follows in descending order of priority;

  • Generalized Targeting

  • Onboarding Targeting

  • Niche Targeting

Generalized Targeting

To begin the educational platform’s content creation, content planning for general purposes that can be used by all parties was outlined. This consisted of general blanket marketing processes that can be used across all industries and are commonly conducted by Cryt across all projects. This educates and provides transparency to existing clients and potential clients while also allowing for future Cryt employees to autonomously train in without putting stress on labour resources.


Project details

In depth details about the project and our managment of duties.


Visual Design

Before designing the site we considered the following aspects:


  • operational simplicity
  • strong branding
  • security of users’ data
  • effective use of visual elements
  • clear data presentation via menus, catalogs, etc.
  • user’s ability to leave feedback about the app
  • easily available general and contact information of app support team
  • design that supports the offer and message not overshadowing them.










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